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    Can Adguard implement with Certificate Trust settings so that it can block ads like YouTube, Spotify and Reddit apps

    Hi Team, I just wanted to request if its possible to implemet something like this so that we can block ads withou the need of jailbreaking the iOS devices. This used to be called LUNA VPN once you install this from below link and then enable Certificate trust settings in...
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    AdGuard Pro not blocking YouTube Ads

    adguard pro no matter i turn on YouTube ads still come up..? How can i block YouTube ads as it's very annoying
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    i was doing beta testing for ADGUARD for iOS and TESTFIGHT SHOWS Unavailable..! IS it adguard side problem or mine..! regards
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    AdGuard for iOS v1.0.3

    Release date 12th December 2015 [ATTACH=CONFIG]3813[/ATTACH Release Notes are in the above attached PIC
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    Add VPN SUPPORT for adblocking

    By this ay we can block ads IN APP regards
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    AdGuard on ios doesn't Block ads

    i've tried both 1.0.0 and now latest 1.0.1 and still it doesn't block anything in safari...had to switch to ABP temporarily and now i'm a big FAN of AG. can anybody tell me what's wrong? i've enabled both AG under content BLOCKERS and USEDD 4-5 Filters and it DOESN't block anything i...
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    How about auto updating of filters?

    i mean the extension is great running on both Firefox and Chrome can u add auto updating of Filters as soon as we open the browser with a notification wud be great? regards kantry123