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    Weird error message in Chrome

    I get this error before the page load in Chrome and it's never there with Adguard switched off. The page still loads but it does flash this message first. I've tried deleting all temp files in Chrome, reinstalling Chrome, reinstalling Adguard. I'm using OnePlus 6 with latest Pie and the latest...
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    Automatic dismissal of cookie windows

    This would be awesome. I block cookies on most sites but there's always one of those windows that you have to click to dismiss cookies info. If this could be automated it would be the greatest things since the internet.
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    [-] ads

    ||* I use this custom filter and the ads are still there.
  4. J and Omni news app android

    I have in-app filtering active in android adguard and still see ads inside the Omni app. Same on the website, they have yellow marked inline ads between the news that I can't filter out.
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    [-] adblocker notice

    At they have a popup about adblocking on every page refresh now. Is it possible to get rid of it?
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    There's now a fat "please don't Adblock"-sign every time this page refreshes, can it be removed?
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    Websites are noticing the use of adblockers and showing annoying messages and sometimes hiding content. Specificallly this site When I click download the following page shows a message telling me to disable...
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    Some sites have this row of links including sponsored content in between articles with a headline similar to "you may also like" and blocking the DIV on the page doesn't remove it, it's right back again after refresh. How can I stop this material at its source instead? The company providing...