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    Signal bar data type keeps flashing.

    Hello I found that Adguard is causing my signal data type to keep flashing h+ 4g etc on my signal bar which is causing it to stay on 3g in lower signals any idea why it's doing that cause I turned Adguard off and it's solved.
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    Hello I've found out it's the WiFi network that's blocking adguard dns does anyone know how to stop it doing that? Some setting or that?
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    DNS Not working.

    Hello I have the mate 20 Pro and DNS filtering is not working it just hangs while trying to load and it worked before and perfectly it's really affecting using adguard.
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    Very Slow Filtering. (Android 9.0 Mate 20 Pro).

    Hello, for a while it has been very slow to filter Web pages and sometimes even fails to do so it just hangs and that's on the WiFi that has been fine ever since I had adguard. What is going on as its forcing me to pause more often.
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    Ad blocking notifications.

    Not sure if you could add notifications when you block any specific ad, or maybe only add it for power users or people who like to know what's getting blocked and when?
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    AdGuard VPN

    Not sure if this has been mentioned before but I think adguard should provide a VPN don't you think? Maybe even inbuilt into the applications. Sorry noticed lots of posts about this please delete.
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    [Android] OVO application.

    Hello the latest update to their app is now coming up an ssl protocol error with adguard enabled anyway to fix this or will I just white-list the app.
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    [Android] [App] Sony's News Suite.

    The app is showing ads within articles and also like sponsored ads down the feed.
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    [Resolved] [Android]

    Another website that detects I have an adblocker :) I am using adguard for Android and have the default filters enabled.
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    This website detects I have an ad blocker.
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    The latest version of the app is not connecting when Adguard is running and I have the default filters running and https filtering, it never used to say no Internet connection.
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    [Resolved] [Android] Xperia Blog Application.

    Ads are still showing up in this app in the comments area. Link:
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    Block YouTube Ads.

    Hello everybody hope your having a nice day, I found a way to block YouTube Ads, but it's using a third party application called ogyoutube download that app from a website and adguard will block the ads through it no problem, make sure you have htttps ad blocking turned on, hope I helped if not...
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    Ads on UK EE Network.

    Hello, I used to be with 3 UK and all ads were blocked, but on EE ads get through anyway to get around this, first of all I dont have root and also have https filtering on.
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    Block ads.

    Is there anyway to block ads using root? Or will you have a root option? Thanks.
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    Youtube Ads. [Android]

    For a brief period yesterday as I'm in the UK I'm sure Youtube Ads were blocked, but they are back up today, so whatever you done do that lol, anyway keep up the good work.
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    [Android] Ads on YouTube app.

    Anyone know what is happening with the ads on the YouTube app, is there a workaround or any idea when fixed? Thanks.
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    [*] [Android]

    Pop up ad comes up near the top of the screen.. See attached screenshot.
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    [Resolved] [Android] Pop up ads.