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    Manchester Evening News is a train wreck of ads.

    So basically I blocked some elements which didn’t work all that well but I ended up adjusting them to the attached screenshot and almost everything is gone. I’m new to the custom rules but I’m posting the site here in the hopes that viewing it helps create new rules for distribution as they...
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    Any way to speed up dons?

    I’m a big fan and enjoy using it. Support is responsive and you’re all very helpful. That said using dns implementation slows me down drastically. I’m averaging 350ms for a request on the main screen, but I suspect that’s page loads nit, though I’m curious why they wouldn’t go down rather...
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    [Resolved][iOS] Job site redirects, can’t figure it out.

    I receive daily emails regarding job prospects in the U.K. the site connected to when clicking (which seems to instantly forward) is and then seemingly forwards to a couple different pages. the sites seemingly involved have all been added to the whitlist (frankly I don’t have the...