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    DNS queries not routed through socks5 or Shadowsocks

    I have found out that DNS queries from Adguard is not routed through socks5 proxy that have been set on the Adguard.
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    Adguard not filtering apps properly with network extension mode

    Adguard cannot filter apps properly with network extension mode. Both Spotify and Discord don't seem to filter properly with network extension but automatic proxy seems to be working fine and able to block trackers from both of these apps.
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    Adguard stopped neat downloader extension from working

    I recently bought adguard lifetime subscription and has been using neat download for a long time. Their chrome extension no longer works with Adguard network extension turned on for my mac. It works fine though with automatic proxy. Can you guys fix the problem? Update: Works now with...
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    Adblocking with SNI filtering/inspection

    Since SNI is not encrypted, it is possible to inspect SNI during TLS handshake so that it is possible to categorize traffic with the signature of TLS encryption in terms of SNI. Is it possible to block ads using the above method for apps that don't support HTTPS filtering?