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    Cant install https certificate on Galaxy Flip 3

    Hi all, was was able to install the https certificate on my Galaxy Fold 3 and Galaxy S20 FE with no problems. But on my Galaxy Flip 3 the certificate file is not shown when I try to install it. In the Adguard App I save the *.cer file to the internal storage. Then I want to install the file but...
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    Adguard no autostart and closing

    Hi all, I am using Adguard in Version 2.10 on a Lenovo Yoga Android Tablet with Android 7.0 1.) The option autostart is on, but everytime after restart my tablet I have to start Adguard on my own 2.) If I use "close all apps" on my tablet, Adguard is also closing. Its not staying alive. On my...