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  1. Sunshine-boy

    Browser freezing+ strange error

    Hi, I just installed the beta version of adguard.was adding my costume filters and suddenly got an ugly error. had to close the app processes from task manager. Yandex browser was freeze and couldn't open anypage(disabling adguard didn't help)
  2. Sunshine-boy

    Adguard and brave browser

    Hi, last night I installed the Brave browser but the problem is Adguard doesn't work with It! I also added it to the application lists! but the issue still exists :( and ads don't Get block. Any idea?
  3. Sunshine-boy

    Cant update to the new verions!

    Every time I start the update for the beta version(a program update is available!) I see Adgaurd go through 60% and after that update process crash without any error or alert... I mean I cant get to 100%.Any idea?
  4. Sunshine-boy

    >Addguard extension<

    Hello again, The Adguard extension remained green while I'm using the Adguard for desktop and I guess this is about Yandex but im not sure. Is there any difrrent between green and blue extension.? Even I checked the browser security extension option in the Aadgaurd application and removed that...
  5. Sunshine-boy

    Adguard and Eset

    Hey there,:) I just installed Adgaurd again but disabled Https scanning module(because that Adguard personal CA can see whatever I see in my browser) Question 1: Will Adguard share MY information if my country(Iran) ask them? I just want to know sorry I'm too lazy to read that privacy policy...