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  1. Flip Phillips

    Bartender on macOS loses ability to control the AdGuard menu bar item

    I use Bartender under macOS. Past, non beta/nightly versions haven't suffered this, fwiw. But, with current nightly versions, Bartender loses control of the item. Restarting both Bartender and/or AdGuard does not resolve the problem. As with the onboarding (see other thread) this goes away after...
  2. Flip Phillips

    macOS runs onboarding every time I update - and every time subsequently

    Title says it all. When I update / self update, the AdGuard onboarding runs again. Even if I skip it, or, worse, go through it all the way, it re-runs itself on next reboot. The only way I've been able to prevent this (I haven't dug into the plist yet to see if there's a flag in there) is to use...
  3. Flip Phillips

    Hang on shutdown under macOS

    Greetings- I've been using AG beta regularly on macOS for the past few years. I tend to run on the latest release OS but sometimes run under developer betas. This all worked swimmingly until recently. This year, I changed jobs and am now using a managed laptop (the apple management + some...
  4. Flip Phillips

    [MacOS Catalina prerelease] crashes

    I'm using the most recent beta / release, under macOS x. I dropped Catalina on one of my lab machines and, while AG is working 'generally' there are regular crashlogs in a process called adguard-tcpkill Crashlog attached.