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  1. tanotify

    Block all footers

    Hi, I would like to block footer sections on every website. I tried a lot of variations, but they don't work as I expected or don't work at all. So I tried something like ##footer ##div.footer and etc Possibly I made it wrong
  2. tanotify

    Regex по CSS классу

    Друзья, возможно не до конца изучил доку, но не понимаю, как можно залочить такой класс, где окончание генерируется? .TopBanner_TopBanner__bannerLink__1xuml Было бы круто услышать пример как залочить когда класс начинается со слова TopBanner или когда оно где-то в середине. P.S Думал вот так...
  3. tanotify

    [*] Справа реклама пропускается
  4. tanotify

    Block Ad in chrome extension (right inside)

    I become a fan of raindrop extension. But they got such advertising of Pro features which I'm not interested in. Is it possible to block element in chrome extension?
  5. tanotify

    Mute comments

    Is there any possible way to block classes and ids on all web sites? Or somehow to apply this filter -
  6. tanotify

    Block ‘GET - On the App Store’ pop up

    Hi, is there any way to block this pop ups on web sites?
  7. tanotify

    Self filter URL

    I'm really excuse if there is already thread about. Or it's existing in FAQ or etc. Is there any possibility to add self filter URL? For example from here -
  8. tanotify

    Youtube question

    Is it possible somehow hide ad videos on youtube mobile web page and show only subscriptions?
  9. tanotify

    Redirect from main page

    Could you please say how can I always redirect from to Thank you a lot!