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    Hi, I like and go there alot for my news. What I don't like is Bing and the suggested search results. Is there any way to hide bing or its search results through Adguard? By the way Bing is not my search engine. It just appears when I go to MSN.
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    add custom rule on iPad?

    Is it possible to import a custom user rule for Adguard on iPad. I am guessing No since you can't store a text file on it. Not sure you can use iTunes to upload file onto it. I tried copying and pasting the rule but got an error message. Best way short of typing in rule character by character...
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    Ad Guard for iPhone 5c

    Hi All, I have an older iPhone and because of this I am unable to install Ad Guard. Is there an older compatible version I could use? I have an iPhone 5c and with the sky high costs of a new phone the one I have is not going anywhere. Next time I buy it will be for the generation behind the...
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    site blocks you by prompting you to sign up

    Hi, Wonder if you guys clean up ads to subscribe to a website's news page? For the longest time I could fake out the prompt to sign up using fake email address. You don't have to click on a link sent out when registering. The site just wants a email address. Gets annoying after a while. Could...
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    [Resolved] [Anti-Adblock] [Firefox Browser Extension]

    Hi, Running Firefox on a MAC with the Adguard plugin installed. Parts of the Adguard plugin that are running include the following: English filterVersion Updated 12 march 2017 at 09:08. Spyware filterVersion Updated 10 march 2017 at 08:01. Annoyances filterVersion...