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    AdGuard on Chromebook

    Palese if it is possibile remove "1000" from "pref.excluded.packages.", or at least enter a note informing ChromeOS users to delete that line in order to allow the program to work on that operating system. This problem has been known to you for years, I don't understand why it hasn't been solved...
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    VPN iPadOS whitelist

    Hi, I make extensive use of AdGuard products on all my devices (Android, ChromeOS, FireTV, Windows, iPadOS). In practice, I use an entire Family lifetime plan for my sole needs. Removed a small probkem on ChromeOS, which can also be easily circumvented, I can say that I am fully satisfied with...
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    Help for Two Factor Auth (Ticket 59991)

    Hi, I have a huge problem: I had to reset my phone and the Google backup did not restore the data from the authentication app, so I have no way of providing the verification key and you do not foresee an alternative authentication method (Why? There is always an alternative method, generally an...