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    Filtering Log

    Hi, How can I see the Filtering Log? I had clicked on the filtering log, but this is what I get. In fact, from time to time the the number of Adguard icons at the my taskbar would increase with these 'ghost' icons. Thank you Henry
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    Timeouts from Apps

    Hi, I am facing random timeouts when using AdGuard. Certain apps that I use requires for the app to fetch data from the server. The attached screen recording is a logistic app that will retrieve the current balance in my e-wallet and show some suggestive queries. The pattern I notice is when...
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    Ads that weren't blocked - how to diagnose

    Hi, How do I diagnose ads that aren't blocked and these ads aren't ads that appear within the page. As the screenshot shows, it appears as some sort of chat and there is a SKIP AD button. Thx.
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    Cookies for Hotspot

    Hi, in my workplace we use the hotspot feature, the type that we have to input username and password in order to have internet access. The problem is everytime I change Access Point, my mobile phone requires another input as though the cookies set by the hotspot login page had been deleted. In...