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    Forum shows i am using an adblocker

    When i visited this forum i found out something unusual ..... it warns me that i am using an adblocker can anything be done. i have highlighted the warning Also found same type of message and ads in
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    [resolved] Ads in

    Can you please remove the Ads in this webpage also there is ads in the shoutbox of that webpage....
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    Cyberfox and https filtering

    i was testing the new cyberfox browser but whatever i do i get untrusted connection error with https pages... only if i disable adguard https pages are working in cyberfox 64 bit AMD version
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    Page loading problem

    This was the issue i mentioned earlier... now i got the proof... it only happens randomly...take a look at this pic sometimes when i open a webpage it doesnt load i have to refresh the page to load...... it only happens after i have installed Adguard....
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    Webroot Secure Anywhere and AdGuard

    i tested Adguard and Webroot yesterday. first i turned on the WFP Network driver and restarted the system......then tried to browse using Firefox and palemoon.... then i found that there is some noticeable lag when the pages were loading... then i turned off Adguard and pages loaded much...