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  1. caleb59 not working after v7.10 update

    It's always buffering when AdGuard protection is enabled in v7.10: But when I disable AdGuard filtering for 30 sec then it's working fine: ----------------------------------------- I know what's up. It's a HTTPS protocol filtering issue! This is almost identical issue like here...
  2. caleb59 stops working after a few minutes

    Problem appeared in AdGuard 7.9 for Windows. When I disable overall protection button in AdGuard 7.9 for Windows then is working fine, problem doesn't occur in older 7.8 version. This is not a simple filter issue, it's a HTTPS connection issue in my opinion. My other www...
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    @Adam or @MajkiIT?
  4. caleb59 - dangerous redirection?

    Hello! One of my torrent sites using for redirections - for now everything was fine, maybe it's a filter issue? Why now is a dangerous redirection site? Example: Thanks!
  5. caleb59

    Anti-Adblock solution progress...

    Any new news about progress? Some time ago I've seen a little "war zone" between AdGuard Team and Adblock Protector (now uBlock Protector) developer on GitHub... AdGuard necessarily NEEDS anti-adblock solution asap... How long do we...
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    [Resolved] Random popups on

    Just click PLAY button, sometimes refresh and try again... Example:
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    [-] Important Polish filter addon list

    Hello! I would like to ask about adding Polish filter addon list to default AdGuard filter list included in AdGuard: It expands default Polish filter list and it is essential to proper...
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    New bug with Assistant?

    I've completelly uninstalled AdGuard for Windows and now I saw weird issue only visible on this page: Details are here: and When I delete ?reg-10.20.2282 from...
  10. caleb59

    Web of Trust disabled?

    Hello! One question - why Web of Trust extension is now default disabled in AdGuard for Windows? I remember that it was always enabled after fresh AdGuard installation... Also I noticed that Web of Trust is always updated via AdGuard auto update module (standard build in filters and extensions...
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    Android 4.1.2 problem...

    Hello! On Android 4.1.2 when I reboot my phone AdGuard service will not start or sometimes it starts, asks for trusted VPN connection and begins to filtering my phone without turned on Wi-Fi, when I turn Wi-Fi on/off AdGuard still filtering and don't want to switch to standby mode when Wi-Fi is...
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    Can you add a new list to AdGuard?

    Hello! Can you add this list to other filters in Adguard: I mean here: This is important list, it protects from all sorts of internet "scam" like for example SMS subscriptions, "you won something, just...
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    [Resolved] - shoutbox and forwarding are blocked by AdGuard

    Hello! This site is private, access only by invites so you can't check those issues but please add those two rules to English filter - they fix problems with shoutbox and forwarding: @@||$document @@||$document Thank you!
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    [Resolved] Missed ad on

    Hello! There is ad in the background on Thank you!
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    [Resolved] English filter and weird issue?

    Hello! Something is wrong with filtering on - when I want to watch video there is infinite loading screen after I push "Play" button: But when I disable English filter in Adguard settings video is playing fine and everything works good - when I enable...
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    [Resolved] Missed ad on vol.2

    Hello! Another ad in the background (League of Angels game ad): Thank you!
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    [Resolved] Missed ad on

    Hello! There is ad more or less in the middle of the main page: Thank you!
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    [Resolved] Missed ads on

    Hello! There are ads on the both sides and on top of the page: Thank you!
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    [Resolved] Missed ads on

    Hello! There are ads in specific forum sections like example: Thank you!