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  1. philibeur

    plugin vs desktop

    The plugin Adguard Assistant allow remote controle of adguard filtering. You can do not use the plugin but more tedious.
  2. philibeur

    Multiple "Blank" Icons

    Hello, have you tested disabling Adguard, if yes, is this the same? Other fix.
  3. philibeur

    Return Youtube Dislike (Can't Import USCR_EMETA Error)

    Hello, I just installed it without problem, I first enabled the option of automatic detection of userscripts in settings->extentions. Thanks for the userscript, i didn't know him. I installed it from the website and clicked on the link tampermonkey under "Other Platforms".
  4. philibeur

    How to change app language?

    This seems to be related to the leanguage of the OS: Look this
  5. philibeur

    How to change app language?

    If it's the same in Windows, Settings->General Settings->Right panel, the firts line.
  6. philibeur

    Adguard for Windows with Microsoft Edge

    Hi, Could you use this instruction to record logs and send them to (Source).
  7. philibeur

    help can't play movies on PC

    Sorry FAI=ISP, Internet service provider
  8. philibeur

    help can't play movies on PC

    Have you test another browser or clean your cookie? Have you using another AdBlocker? Your FAI, maybe block the server video location.
  9. philibeur

    help can't play movies on PC

    Hello, I don't think the problem is Adguard if you uninstall it, on my side everything works with Adguard installed.
  10. philibeur

    AdGuard beta testing

    Go to settings->General settings->on the right panel, look for "Update channel".
  11. philibeur

    update to 7.7 RC2 is not working

    Hello, no error with eset, in my side.
  12. philibeur

    Adguard not booting on startup

    Hello, maybe you will find help here?
  13. philibeur


    I doubt, give time to dev to find issue source.
  14. philibeur


    This is a recurring issue, please use your Adgard Assistance menu to send issue to dev or send directly to GitHub.
  15. philibeur

    Cannot activate license after phone reset

    You can view your key statut here, login to Adguard before.
  16. philibeur

    DNS encryption preference discussion

    Hello, Reddit = Opinions ≠ Facts. For DoT & DoH, you can view this. For DNS Crypt, this. DNS over QUIC is too young to be compared to other, only time will saying us more.
  17. philibeur

    Adguard android DNS filtering breack internet connection for the app.

    It seems to be fixed with the last nightly, thank you.
  18. philibeur

    Adguard android DNS filtering breack internet connection for the app.

    Hello, when the DNS filtering is active, the internet connexion is breacking for almost all app. If i disable it, all is allright. With the dns filtering active, my ip is in the filtering log. With DNS non-filtering is breacking too. I don't know if this is related. I use the lastest nightly...
  19. philibeur

    Become Beta tester?

    starzboy77 for renew, ask to chinaski.21330 by pm.