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    Enhance DNS Privacy by more than one DNS resolver + disconnect on sleep + strict mode

    I used DNSCloak before which makes it possible to span the DNS requests to several resolvers by letting the app choosing the fastest one. You simply choose all resolvers tou want to use and the app is doing the rest. That works flawless and is load balancing as well. Secondly a disconnect on...
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    DNS Privacy is without any effect after a while

    I am using SecureDNS (DOH) for filtering ads in apps. After the iPhone has not been used for some hours (e.g. over night), ads are shown in different apps and the response of webpages is slow. I checked the DNS log and the ping is more than 2000ms. After disabling and re-enabling the DNS Privacy...
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    Browser extension vs. app (Mac)

    Im have been using the browser extension for Firefox for a while on my iMac. As well I am using the app on my iPhone with a limitid license as a former Adguard Pro user. I recently bought a lifetime license and switched to the app on my iMac. Things I observed after the switch to the app: -...