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    Internet freezes at exact same time daily

    The exact same time every day on my Mac the internet drops for a couple seconds. I notice this when I'm watching live streams, and it's happening in multiple browsers. Rebooting will change the time at which the freezes happen daily. The only thing I have left to consider is Adguard at this...
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    AdGuard for Windows/Mac vs AdGuard Home

    Does anyone know offhand how Adguard for Windows/Mac compares to Adguard Home? I currently run Adguard for Windows, as well as Adguard for Mac. It would be nice if I could centralize my adblocking, and it seems that's exactly what Adguard Home does. I can't find any comparisons though, and...
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    What happened to AdGuard?

    I finally rebooted my computer after a month, and now there's ads _everywhere_. I have the 'assistant' installed in Chrome due to the new version of AdGuard changing things, but I get tons of ads on sites I never had before. Adding filters don't seem to help. For example, I...