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    Agree, This is the reason why adguard is better from adblocker extension because. it's maintaining its features and updating them.
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    For me Adgaurd is best! i have tried other extension also but, Adgaurd works best among them.
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    I was also getting ads on 1337x, i was using 1337x proxy sites from this list as its blocked in my region and as you know proxy websites have more ads but, after the update the ads are gone now thanks
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    I Just wanted to say hello

    Hello and welcome :)
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    FAQ for creating Rule - User Filter?

    Few mirror website are also blocked in some countries t try this one ( hope it will work for you
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    FAQ for creating Rule - User Filter?

    Yes I am also getting tb popups on different websites I am using primewire mirror website from this list and all mirror websites are showing popups.