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    Youtube quality problems

    Hello, I'm not an expert or a tech so would try my best to explain the problem I'm having as I find it odd nobody else made a report, hopefully I'm not the only one facing this. The English filter of Adguard when enabled is lowering youtube quality playback and it's getting frustrating. The...
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    [*] [NSFW]

    Hi again, Sorry to bring this topic back up as I know it got resolved but doesn't still seem to be the case with Adguard is still giving me problems when protection is enabled. When protection is disabled the site works flawlessly. I have problems navigating the site when it comes...
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    [Resolved] Adult site, adguard blocking

    I'm having problems login in ; I'm a member and everytime I click the login button it won't go through. I tried a trick disabling and re-enabling adguard's protection once logged in but couldn't even send or read messages on the site or logout, once again because Adguard Is stopping...