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    blog style news site with advertisement

    The news div is <div class="placeholder one-img-plc" data-news-id="12345"> the advertisement div is <div class="placeholder one-img-plc" data-news-id="12346" t8usr2p69="" z0unfy1jm=""> so if the div class has t8usr2p69="" z0unfy1jm="", It's advertisement. under the advertisement title, there...
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    Adguard can't block advertisement On

    the advertisements just like Twitter feed advertisement on the advertisement can be blocked On Windows,but doesn't work on iOS safari.
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    Block Google pop-up get Google app

    there is a Pop-up ads below Google search, how to block it?
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    block background image none !important) this rule for blocking the background image on it works on windows browers,but refuse working on ios safari, What's the reason?