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    Downgrade to 1.2.1

    Is there a way to downgrade to adguard 1.2.1 pro from adguard 1.3?
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    AdGuards Compatibility with Privacy Badger

    I have a question regarding the Adguard extension and its compatibility with the Privacy Badger extension. When I use Adguard (running on Chrome version 56 on a MacBook Pro running MacOS Sierra) and Privacy Badger at the same time, I get an error saying. "This extension failed to modify the...
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    Insecure Connection Firefox

    Firefox is constantly giving me the error "Your connection is not secure" I've tried everything I've seen on your support. I tried disabling it, closing the browser, then re-enabling it, and that didn't work. I don't want to disable https filtering. How can I stop getting this error? I'm running...