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  1. F4LL0U7

    Does AdGuard for Chrome eliminate the need for these extensions?

    I'm cleaning up my browser extensions and I was wondering if using AdGuard eliminates the need for these other privacy extensions I also use: Protect My Choices IBA Opt-out...
  2. F4LL0U7

    Ads not being blocked on Android 12 Beta 4 (SPB4.210715.011) released today

    Is anyone else seeing ads on their devices after installing Android 12 Beta 4 (SPB4.210715.011) released today? I have AdGuard 3.6.22 beta installed on my Pixel 5 and no ads are being blocked after installing today's Android 12 beta.
  3. F4LL0U7

    T-Mobile Music & Video streaming

    Hello, first time poster. I'm considering switching to Adguard. I currently use Adaway on a rooted Nexus phone & tablet. I'd like to not have to be rooted just for ad blocking. I use T-Mobile and do not have unlimited data. However, I did sign up for their unlimited music and video streaming...