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  1. SergZZZ

    AdGuard improved DNS speed response with High-Performance IP Network from Vultr!

    I have been testing AdGuard 3.0.2 (157) it’s quite an awesome app. It blocks almost everything and does it super fast as well. One of the things that I had a tough time at the beginning with is public DNS servers like Google and Cloudflare and even Cisco OpenDNS. They have worked but ping was...
  2. SergZZZ

    AdGuard 1.5.8 Mac OS Mojave News App ads slipping through

    I have just updated my Mac to new Mojave OS and AdGuard works well in Safari 12 and other apps like Reeder, but it's not blocking ads in newly released Apple News app, articles are showing ads. Anyone else experiencing similar issues?
  3. SergZZZ

    AdGuards IPv6 DNS doesn’t work properly on my WiFi?

    Here is my problem. I am trying to switch my AdGuard App on my iOS 11 to use IPV6 DNS AdGuard servers. On cellular connection IPV6 DNS AdGuard servers work perfectly, but not on my WiFi. I have to switch back to IPV4 DNS AdGuard servers to keep blocking ads. I am assuming I have to change...
  4. SergZZZ

    DNSCrypt for iOS as a PRO add-on for AdGuard?

    Personally, I like the idea of DNS servers for filtering ads. I use Cisco Umbrella and their servers are superior, they block lots of junk on our networks, but they don't block ads. I like AdGuards DNS servers and they work well one but though, they are located in Russia, Moscow I get 154 ms to...
  5. SergZZZ

    YouTube ads are slipping in through AdGuard

    AdGauard does an excellent job at blocking most of the junk, but recently I have noticed that some of the ads especially on are slipping in through AdGuard filters. I am talking about preroll ads. Youtube is aware that I am blocking their advertisements, so they have been showing a...