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    Separating Actions Firstparty App etc.

    Helloz! I have a issue with making a rule. How could I separate actions, for example I want to make a url @@|| and make it first party and for specific app. There is any dependence,order of how to use it? And also find a difference between , and | How rule should looks like...
  2. NIGHTZNERO / graph.facebook / Stealth mode

    Hello ADG Family! Right now I come with 3 separate questions about creating a rules 1. I want to go "" but after period of time I m automatically transfered into "". Can I use any modificators like $replace or $popup(before I forgot to say,when I open forum xyz,I m...

    Unblocking ZEN Cashback

    Hello ADG Family, I come with question to unblocking tracking from ZEN links. As You (now) know I m using ZEN Bank,to get cashback to my account i have to open special link (here is sample - Link). ADG With my filters blocks that I can't even open that link and have to use vpn(or just disable...

    Question about ""

    Every 2seconds I have blocked log from as u can see Can I somehow check which app ping that? I was looking and find Reddit have collab with Branch but I don't even use a official app from Reddit

    Brave Rewards Ads blocked

    Hello! I have problem with Adguard cause when I have enabled ADG I don't recive a Ads from Brave(hope everyone know how Brave Ads works). Specially for it I m using a filter in Brave Shields as well on Adguard: Brave UnBreak but it's doesn't help. After a pause ADG I recive Brave Ads. Anyone...