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    [Resolved] this site force me to turn off adblock even i enabled adguard anoyances please help.
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    block ads on bluestacks 5?

    How to block ads on Bluestacks 5 via adguard windows? i tried to add hd-player.exe on "List of filtered applications" but notthing work. ads is still showing in bluestacks, please help.
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    adguard cannot install https filtering on bluestacks 5

    if i want to install certificate i must enable pin code or password but it is imposible with me, bluestack wont allow me to create those. Please help.
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    DNS feature have conflic with many VPN apps

    yeah i have the same issue, must turn of the dns function to make vpn work normally
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    sorry i will report in report tool of adguard

    please remove this thread i will report in report tool
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    [-] adguard android doesnt block placeholder 9gag

    thanks btw i found another 9gag app mod, no ads, no place holder, it work great.
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    [-] adguard android doesnt block placeholder 9gag

    it doesnt block placeholder of ads between the posts and the post and comments on 9gag, please fix Thanks, my enabled filters adguard base adguard mobiles easy list adguard tracking https filtering enable