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    OSX El Captain Compatibility

    Well, just question the above. Has anybody already tested OS X El Captain and see that Adguard works?
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    Ads when using Chrome, adguard assistant disappearing.

    Here is a video I made of Adguard for Mac, ads and adguard assistant not showing when they are turned on. Note: The video may be still processing.
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    Report Ad:

    On this website:
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    Integration Mode not working in AdGuard for Safari.

    Looks like the Adguard for safari extension doesn't work very well with Adguard for Mac 1.1.0 beta version... 1) Safari doesn't have color extensions so it defeats the whole green becomes blue thing. 2) Looks like Adguard took the adblocking into its own hands and those two decided to...
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    Parental Control?

    Is there any consideration about putting Parental Control into AdGuard for Mac? As of now nobody except for me is allowed to touch the mac because of no parental control feature. Thank you. And psst is Mac Beta no longer available to test?
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    Waterfox- Works!

    Confirmed that Waterfox works as of this version in Mac: Before: After: Yes, it is Waterfox and only Adguard For Mac right now: Hooray!
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    AdGuard Mac Slowing down Page Loading

    Hi Everybody, I've not been active for quite a while- Adguard for Mac is still doing its job well! However, Adguard is slowing down page load time since installation. Sometimes a page will hang in the middle of loading. Games will also freeze and stop responding. Once I click on the...
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    Webroot DETECTS AdGuard...

    During installation of Adguard Beta, I noticed that Webroot detected the Adguard tools.exe file and wouldn't let Adguard connect to the internet. If anybody is using Adguard Version 5.10.1175.6083 and Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus 2015- Version please remember to roll-back the file...
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    AdGuard Tray Icon Not Showing

    Today I booted up my computer and saw that adguard tray icon was no longer showing! How to fix this? Adguard is still working.
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    AdGuard + Comodo IceDragon Certificate Error

    Using Adguard for Firefox, wanted to try it out with Comodo IceDragon. Enabling Adguard shows "Invalid Certificate." How to change this?
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    Ads not being blocked in Maxthon Browser

    I know this is not relevant to most of you, me included, but just telling you about some bugs. Ads aren't being blocked in Maxthon Browser. Using Adguard 5.9 latest version, ads aren't being blocked in Maxthon Cloud Browser. I am using Firefox right now, so no issue, but navigating to...
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    Better WOT Integration

    I was very happy when Adguard started to implement WOT into its software, but a few things made me use WOT extension along with the Web Filter: For Web Filter: 1. Display WOT icons in the search engine. I know this might not be possible, but if you can, try to, because even if Adguard blocks...
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    No Filter List Updates For 2-3 Days?

    I'm quite worried. No filters have been updated for 2-3 days:confused:. Is there something wrong or is Adguard's team busy doing other things? Or is it just because submissions haven't been made yet? I also see that ads are slipping in some websites. I submitted them, so you should get them:D.
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    Assistant Icon Disappears Sometimes

    Just noticed that the assistant icon in the bottom right corner of my browser (Google Chrome) disappears without any reason! I check another page and it comes back, but some pages don't have that icon showing. It seemed as when you hit a link from a page or hit a next button, the icon disappears...
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    Userscripts disappearing weekly!

    I have two additional userscripts installed and they keep disappearing after a week or so.
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    AdGuard For Mac

    Sorry, this isn't supposed to belong in "Adguard for Windows" but do you have plans for Adguard For Mac? In Wilders Security Forums avatar posted that Adguard for Mac may be released in April/May. So does anyone have an estimation about the release date?
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    How Well Does AdGuard compare?

    Just curious, how does Adguard compare to Admuncher, AdBlock, and Adblock Plus? Is Adguard better than Admuncher, or the other way around, and why? How does the extension differ from the full version? :confused:
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    Version 6? License Intact even when you upgrade version?

    About version 6... When you upgrade, will you need to get another key, or will you just need to type in the current key? Will you even need to type in a key when you upgrade? Even though the Adguard support page says "The license will be saved into your computer, so even when you uninstall and...