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    Filter list optimization

    I have both AdGuard for Mac on my computers and AdGuard DNS on my network, and I have a collection of filter sets that block a total of 523,000+ domains. I know a lot of that has to be redundant, but I want to be able to use my devices without being spied on ;) So this lead me to some questions...
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    AdGuard Browser Extension 3.0

    Will the AdGuard Browser Extension 3.0 be released for Safari? No mention of it in the blog article and there's not a Safari version on GitHub.
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    Stopping videos and animations

    Lots of websites are increasingly using distracting and annoying videos and animations that auto-play when you load the page. I know that Safari in particular doesn't provide a way to stop a lot of these videos from playing. Is there some kind of filter I could create with AdGuard to prevent...
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    Adding Cloudflare or Quad9 DNScrypt servers

    I'd like to add either Cloudflare or Quad9 DNS encrypted servers as a custom DNS setting. The dialog to add a new server asks for a provider public key, and I'm not able to find any kind of public key for either Cloudflare or Quad9. Has anyone added these before? Or can someone from AdGuard...
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    FX Now app

    Product: AdGuard Pro iOS This is for the FX Now app. There is no website associated with this report. Filters: AdGuard SDN filter (under Privacy Settings) When this filter is enabled, the FX Now app will not work. When the app is loaded, after the initial animation, the app will sit at a black...
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    Reporting broken apps

    The AdGuard Pro app provides a menu for reporting issues, but the website doesn’t give any way to specify a broken app, just websites. When selecting a problem type, you’re given the option of “Broken website/app”, but then you’re required to enter a URL, and a broken app doesn’t have a URL. And...
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    Error: Filters cannot be loaded

    I'm having a problem with AdGuard Pro for iOS. When I attempt to add a user filter, the AdGuard Pro app gives me this error: Error Filters cannot be loaded into Safari. Therefore, your recent changes were not applied. There's no indication of what may be wrong, so I have no idea how to...
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    Force touch to enable AdGuard DNS

    I just downloaded Adguard Pro for iOS and I have a feature suggestion... It would very convenient if force-touching the Adguard app brought up a menu that turned on the Adguard DNS VPN. That's probably something users will do a lot and making it easy to get to seems logical.
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    AdGuard 1.4.0 proxy blocking Apple Maps

    I'm using AdGuard 1.4.0 as a proxy for other devices on my network. On iPhones and iPads, AdGuard appears to be blocking Apple Maps. Adding to the whitelist doesn't fix it.