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    TestFlight public link

    I read an article about the WWDC where Apple introduced the possibility for developers to create "TestFlight public links" through apple store connect with which allows users to participate in the app's beta programs without having to fill out alternative requests or send their own apple id. in...
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    It is impossible to open any article on the site as it detects adblock. using the filters found here: I can open articles without deactivating adguard. precisely the filters are these: @@||^$generichide...
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    Adguard DNS blocks FaceTime

    On all version of iOS 11, adguard blocks FaceTime voip calls and video calls (WhatsApp voip call works perfectly)
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    Block Https ads

    I do not know if this could be somehow useful. Another vpn advertising app uses a "profile" to install on the device that allows the app to effectively block advertisements from facebook, youtube, spotify, pandora. Probably unlocks https connections on the device. Is this a possible solution...
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    [*] Missed ads on apps and site iOS

    I use Adguard pro 1.3.1 on iOS 10.3.2 Missed Ad on SuperGuidaTV 3 - Film, serie e programmi in TV di IdeaSolutions S.r.l. Missed ad on Reverso Traduzione e Dizionario di Theo Hoffenberg...