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    Adguard https filtering in work profile

    Hi Apologies if this has been asked before, but having successfully installed adguard in my work profile (work profile previously set up using the Island app) I can find no way of installing the adguard certificate to get https filtering working. Following the prompts saves the crt file in the...
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    AdGuard interfering with Bullguard Safe Search

    Hi Adguard seems to be interfering with Bullguard Internet Security's Safe Search feature - the standard green tick that appears alongside search results to signal non-malicious sites. The tick disappears unless I shut Adguard down entirely (leaving services up/down doesn't matter); I'm sure...
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    Added Exceptions not rendering ads

    Hi I've been using Adguard happily for over a year. I recently began adding exceptions for certain select news sites that rely on ads for their upkeep. The ads render occasionally but it's very hit and miss. Sometimes you just get a blank white banner, other times you get, say, an adsense...