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  1. TechDoctorUK

    HOWTO use Adguard with a VPN at the same time (Firestick / Android)

    hey guys, I created this step by step guide on how you active Adguard but at the same time connect to a VPN to mask your IP address. Essentially we are going to use Adguard to make a SOCKS5 proxy connection to our VPN provider. In my demo, I used IPVanish. You can see the guide here Many...
  2. TechDoctorUK

    Shield TV

    I have just installed this on my 4K firestick and the HTTPS filtering is working fine. For me to install the certificate, I had to re-authenticate with my Amazon credentials but as soon as I did that, I saw the message "Certificate installed" Actually going to make a video on it today!