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  1. Support Team

    Adguard test site available? I want to see status and proofs :)

    Hi! We have a check-page, this one:
  2. Support Team

    AdGuard перестает работать после подключения к VPN

    Добрый день! Для корректной работы программы вместе с VPN, необходимо включить опцию "Фильтровать локальные адреса" в расширенных настройках AdGuard. Это должно помочь.
  3. Support Team

    Adguard - Ping/CSP/API blocker - request

    Hi, Paul! The feature you are looking for will be available in all AdGuard apps and extensions after we release the 1.7 version of our CoreLibs. Here's the task for your reference:
  4. Support Team

    Блокировка рекламы в других приложениях

    Да, Вы можете выбрать сервера AdGuard в разделе DNS-приватность, и реклама будет скрыта в других приложениях, где это возможно.
  5. Support Team

    Как отменить покупку пожизненной лицензии и вернуть средства?

    Верно, покупка подписки через App Store не генерирует лицензионный ключ. Если Вы купили подписку в App Store, то по вопросам возврата необходимо обращаться к Apple.
  6. Support Team

    [Resolved] Sponsor / Fake Dating Sites

    Those and others domains you have reported have been added to the blacklist. Thank you!
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    Thank you for reporting it. We've added the website to the blacklist.
  8. Support Team


    Resolved here:
  9. Support Team

    [Resolved] blacklist

    Some of these websites are no longer available, others are on our list already where they came from the Google Safebrowsing lists.
  10. Support Team

    [Resolved] SCAM websites

    Are you sure all of these are scam webites? looks legit. Added all except for, and,, and
  11. Support Team


    It's already on the list; please see:
  12. Support Team

    Could you attach a screenshot of that fake download button, please? We couldn't reproduce the issue for some reason.
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    Those have been blacklisted. Thanks for reporting!
  14. Support Team


    Thanks, it's been blocked.
  15. Support Team


    The domain has been added to the blacklist. Thank you for reporting it!
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    [Resolved] Fake website

    I blocked it yesterday, that's quite odd it wasn't blocked today. I've just blacklisted it again.
  17. Support Team

    [Resolved] Fake website

    The websites have been blocked. Thank you!