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    is it safe?

    Datapacket's IP belongs to their own Autonomous system and belongs to AdGuard's AS. We use different tweaks for our IP addresses to fix routing issues (i.e. a user routed to some server located far away) so the it's natural that the route for you to our AS is different from...
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    is it safe? is a hosting service that we rent AdGuard DNS servers from. Any real server is located in some data center owned by some hosting company, that's how it works. DNS servers are located all over the world, please check out the map on
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    No respond from support for 5 weeks

    @kmr1684 could you please let me know the ticket numbers?
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    No respond from support for 5 weeks

    Escalated the ticket, sorry about the slow replies in the support these days.
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    War in Ukraine / New false news laws in Russia

    Well, we have no servers in Russia either exactly to avoid any confusion about that :)
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    War in Ukraine / New false news laws in Russia

    AdGuard is a Cyprus company and we have nothing to do with Russian laws anyways.
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    Где AdGuard хранит настройки?

    В %programdata%\Adguard лежит файл adguard.db - там собственно все настройки.
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    Why AdGuard blocking completely http3 and how to unblock?

    The problem with HTTP3 is that AdGuard cannot yet filter it so instead of that we suppress it and therefore the apps fallback to H2. We're going to add full QUIC filtering capabilities in the future, though.
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    Adguard for Windows with Microsoft Edge

    Could you please try installing the nightly version of AdGuard and check if the issue goes away. One more thing, you may also need to do the following to "cure" the problem: 1. Open the new tab 2. Settings -> More Tools -> Developer Tools 3. Switch to the "Application" tab there 4. Click...
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    AdGuard preventing websites from loading

    @SullyTheUnusual if the issue is still not resolved, could you please contact us at We'll assign a developer that could try troubleshooting this issue one-on-one. We'd prefer to escalate it to the developers team right away. macOS Monterey was just released and from our...
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    AdGuard preventing websites from loading

    What version of AdGuard it is? Could you please try updating to the latest version?
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    Did 7.6 completely break filtering for anyone else?

    Okay, wait, I was too fast to judge. Actually, we fixed the issue from v7.6. Here's how things are now: 1. Cosmetic filtering works in IE11. 2. Extended CSS rules work only partly in IE11. 3. Legacy AdGuard Assistant does not work in IE11 and we're not going to change this.
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    Did 7.6 completely break filtering for anyone else?

    Argh, what a shame. Okay, we fixed it in betas, but then broke it again:( All this mess is due to the fact that we didn't have IE11 in our test cases list that we check before every release.
  14. avatar vpn blocked by organisation

    Hmm, that's quite weird that your organization decided to do that. In theory, we have backup domains, but there's currently no way to switch to them manually. We'll think about a solution, thank you for reporting this!
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    Adguard VPN и DPI

    В общем трафик AG VPN не отличить от трафика обычного сайта, так что по какому-то общему правилу его не заблокировать. Но если задаться целью и блокировать конкретные IP адреса, причем успевать следить за их обновлением, то можно угнаться и за нами.
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    AdGuard testing site

    It is now on I'd advise against using this particular service. It often fails to detect blocking properly and is only made to test the author's configuration.
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    "AdGuard won't work correctly!" when i enable Cloudflare. Please help!!!

    Hi, we have an open bug report about this issue: Please follow it for updates.
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    is it safe?

    Hi, we use to host our DNS servers. It's a known and reputable hosting service in contrast to scamalytics that I never heard about.
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    AdGuard VPN custom DNS servers (macOS, probably all OS's)

    Nope, it does not, we use AdGuard DNS non-filtering by default. However, we're going to add an option to configure custom DNS server in the VPN client so that you could use whichever DNS server you like (including AG Home if you have it).