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    Adguard pro drain my battery ios 14.2

    I aware that when I charge my iphone 12 mini to 100% and unplug it. After night, my battery down from 100% to 90% and make me scare. When I see at battery report, Adguard pro using approximately 10% and I continutely see at vpn time connect, it’s connecting with 6 hours @@ (though night). I...
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    Can Adguard implement with Certificate Trust settings so that it can block ads like YouTube, Spotify and Reddit apps

    Until now luna is only which can block ads in youtube app. I dont understand that adguard do not work similary. Now luna does not need an app, they install via trust certificate and then connecting via vpn. I think Adgurad team always better than Luna team in maitain and update sever. Hope we...
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    Adguard Pro iPhone 6s

    “Luna” is the new app of old app which was called “adblock for ios”. Now it can block ads in youtube app with root certificate. But, it just auto block ads in app and doesn’t have any choice for manual block ads like adguard pro. So I think if new adguard pro can be added root certificate for...
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    Adguard Pro iPhone 6s

    I known that the app which was called “Luna” seems to be passed Apple’s policy. It can block ads well, so I still trust Adguard and I hope new adguard app will come soon. Please inform when it’ release.
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    Bug report

    Oh no, I just mean shutdowns and then turn on my iphone xD However, as I said, it showed up again after a short period of time.
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    Multiple bugs with 2.1

    Yes, so many people are having the same issue in adguard pro v2.1. I think they confirmed and hope they fix it soon.
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    Bug report

    About 4G LTE problem, it only happen on both of full-tunnel mode.
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    Bug report

    Thanks but today I met an this issue again. When it happened, apart from above mentioned phenomenon, it made my phone couldn’t connect to internet through 4G LTE. Then I have to reset my phone to solved it. iPhone 8 plus ios 11.3.1, adguard pro v2.1. I love adguard pro v2.0, if you have the link...
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    Bug report

    Everything was solved when reset ios. Please close this threat. Thanks!
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    Bug report

    In the new version of adguard pro 2.1 having a bug. This bug made appearance checking internet symbol at all time on homescreen. Please note that it only happens on homescreen.
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    AdGuard Pro drains battery faster on iOS 11.3 compared to iOS 11.2.6 why please?

    I confirm that in ios 11.3, adguard pro newest verson drain my battery than ios 11.2.6. Maybe it hasn’t had a button which allowed to turn off track log? Or other troubles relate to compatible. I tested with some other block apps.