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  1. Kees

    Whitelist cookies to avoid self destructing (Stealthy Mode)

    Mhh a question asked two weeks ago and no answer, this forum seems dead to me. Let me try to answer: a) allowing cookies on a website @@||$cookie b) allowing specific cookies by name (allow_this_cookie) @@||$cookie=allow_this_cookie
  2. Kees

    Popup/popunder improvements

    Two feature requests: 1. Add popunder protection simular to uBlockOrigin with $popunder rule 2. Add Adguard's user Popup blocker user script (only allow user initiated popups) as a feature/function of teh browser extension Thanks
  3. Kees

    QUESTION: how to pipe several cookie values?

    In the Adguard creating your own rules tutorial two general cookie blocking examples are given How to combine them into one? $cookie=__cfduid|/__utm[a-z]/ or $cookie=__cfduid: /__utm[a-z]/ or ???
  4. Kees

    Make Adguard a lean mean advertising fighting machine

    Gentleman, I have two questions and suggestions. They are based on the limited perspective of my surfing behavior. So my suggestions might not be applicable in general. It is the same as thinking that the earth is flat, because from my point of view and observation the horizon seems to be...
  5. Kees

    Testing Edge extension Beta

    With Adguard Beta on Edge (using Simple Domain Names filter) I could not log into LinkedIn. After whitelisting it I could login.
  6. Kees

    Testing Edge extension Beta

    Hi, Just deinstalled Adguard for Edge and installed Adguard Edge beta from the beta page website of Adguard. the version installed is 2.10.11 Is this the Beta and if so, what is different with current stable version (can't find stealth mode)?
  7. Kees

    Impact of Google Manifest V3

    Hi, I read this post in MalwareTips I am currently using AdGuard's DNS filter (less than 30.000) rules, so I suppose filter is still useable when V3 gets implemented. I am using the Beta...
  8. Kees

    Question regarding current stealth extension

    When new Adguard is officially launched, will the stealth extension be updated with the new features of the stealth mode?
  9. Kees

    Very happy testing Adguard extension for chrome Beta

    Hi, The user interface is a big improvement. I have a small request. Add a WebRTC option to hide private IP address (use only public IP address). Thanks Kees
  10. Kees

    Which files/folders does AdGuard stores filters?

    Hi, I am using a disk virtualization program. Which files or folders do I have to exclude in Chrome's User Data folder fo r Adguard to keep changes in USER FILTER? Thx