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    Chrome + AdGuard Google Images issues

    I'm not using the nightly builds now and don't have logging enabled - this is my main work computer - but FWIW the issue appears to be centered around long and complex query strings - such as are used by google images queries - when https filtering is enabled. It's not just Google Images that...
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    Chrome + AdGuard Google Images issues

    The issue is to do with the https filtering feature - when it's enabled I'm having this issue, when it's disabled I don't have the problem. I've already uninstalled the nightly and reinstalled the release - I've already spent enough time on this, and I have a heap of work to catch up on, so I'm...
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    Chrome + AdGuard Google Images issues

    @kavabanga Installed and tried the current nightly - made no difference - still encountering http2 errors when using 'Images' option of Google Search - also encountering http2 errors when uploading images to services such as CMS back-ends. FWIW - I am not running Kaspersky A/V and get the...
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    Chrome + AdGuard Google Images issues

    Example error for a Google Images search - I've added the red for clarity I would have thought Google is supporting HTTP2 so it would appear that HTTP2 image requests are being mangled for some reason. I've tested on a couple of systems, one of which only has the default Windows Defender...
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    Chrome + AdGuard Google Images issues

    I'm having the same issues, both with Chrome and Edge. It was fine, and now not. Similarly, I can no longer upload images to my client's website legacy CMS, and in this case I can see what's happening - it's enforcing the use of HTTP2 for some reason, and that protocol is not supported by the...
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    Multiple "Blank" Icons

    Possibly related to 7.8 issues causing it to crash
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    Crashing with Problem Event Name: CLR20r3

    Similar - 7.8 crashing all the time, requiring shutting down the service and then restarting AG to get it working again - quite frustrating. No problems prior to the auto-update to 7.8 Note: I suspect this is happening when filters are automatically updated.
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    Disable AdGuard for Intranet?

    Sorry to dig up an old post, but this is actually on topic for me. We have lots of equipment on the local networks that use web-based management interfaces, which AdGuard always interferes with, and it is always a source of frustration until you remember that you need to turn AdGuard off to...