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    AdGuard DoH Datacamp fraud?

    it is just an ip score. previous owner of the ip might be using that ip for scam or something fraudelent. hence that bad score IP operated by CC (colo crossing, a company from US )also usually got bad score on IP because they operate on Low end space that usually some of their customers use...
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    [Resolved] Give me solution please(All Image blocking)

    seems good to me. what filter do you use?
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    [Resolved] Give me solution please(All Image blocking)

    url of the site? filters that you use?
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    Does Adguard block youtube ads?

    i don't think we can buy it. not without indian cc / payment processor. tested it with indian vpn
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    Pls Help, user filter syntax problem about domain

    please try this ||somedomain*.com^$important this rules block somedomain1-1000
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    Block Google Analytics for my own website

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    AdGuard Android filtering hierarchy

    ofcourse you can, i use google in this | this will block but allow subdomain to load but if you use ||^ this will block all connection even in subdomain. you can use @@| to whitelist subdomain. about entry like, tbh no idea...
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    AdGuard Android filtering hierarchy

    Basically yes and to block website completely you need to block tcp connection which is something like this ||$network you should use Adguard Home for something like this i'm not a fan for something like this in adguard. as sometimes it breaks website too much when the owner decides...
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    DDos attack

    use firewall to mitigate block ports that they are using to ddos you
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    AdGuard Android filtering hierarchy

    it will block all connection on klclick1 but dns connections. when i try your links. it redirects to that not blocked. so it will displayed on browser...
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    AdGuard Android filtering hierarchy

    it is after dns query. we need to resolve hostnames before filtering but before content is displayed/painted the ads are blocked could you give me example how that rule is? there might be a difference from ios rules as ios didn't support more than 50.000 rules so it is optimized for ios i...
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    AdGuard Android filtering hierarchy

    first off, dns filtering must be on if you want to use it, 1. does successful DNS queries leak connection to those servers? Or it’s only a DNS query with no actual connection being established once it gets filtered in HTTPS? no,it is dns queries making requests to remote DNS servers. DNS over...
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    Adguard for Andriod not blocking ads on YouTube anymore - Help

    ok for answer youtube ads are now double encrypted. adguard can't bypass it as now they are using the same domain to server videos and ads simulteanously your best bet are using youtube vanced...
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    Adguard won't launch

    how about reinstall? try use advanced uninstall tools. and install again. might be something broken on adguard dll / files
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    YouTube Ads with AdGuard DNS

    which domain?
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    still a bad implementation @avatar reading on telegram you have a plan for hardware implementation??
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    very bad implementation then.. but as i know ( CMIIW), ARP poisoning is only work with unencryrpted traffic. then eblocker can not block https traffic.
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    is it work as advertised? we do not have to set everything? i am intereted about how they reroute all the traffic to eblocker machine
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    [bug] NSFW

    hello everyone, long time no posting in this forum.. been very busy last year i'm still using adguard and see this link for example will work if adguard is disabled and videos thumbnails in first page will disappear with adguard on i...