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    [-] *Anti-Adblock-Script*

    Yes it is working.
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    [-] *Anti-Adblock-Script* itself is running thr script Here is a site using it :
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    [-] - Anti-adblock [windows]

    Done :) *update* Figured it out. It was not Adguard. It was the VPN firefox addon Windscribe which has an adblocker in it which was causing it. Turned off the adblock feature in it. Now the page loads normally. :)
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    [-] - Anti-adblock [windows]

    Url eg. : Shows anti-adblock preventing from reading article.
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    I am getting BSOD with SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION (Netio.SYS) since updating to I am on Windows 10 build 14251
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    [Resolved] - anti adblocker
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    [Resolved] tracking problem

    Thank u for solving it.
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    [Resolved] tracking problem Adguard blocks courier tracking Fpr eg track this consignment number "M25444762" and it gets blocked.
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    [AdGuard for Windows] Beta version

    Does "Hide your referrer from third parties" blocks google captcha? Happens for me in
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    Check for Updates directly from tray menu

    An option to check for updates from tray icon rather than check from about. I took sometime figure it out.. where to check program updates.
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    [Resolved] "Hide your referrer from third parties" blocks google captcha? In this page stealth mode > misc > "Hide your referrer from third parties" blocks google captcha On
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    Zemana Antimalware detected adware : AdGuard sys file?

    Zemana Antimalware detected adware. Adguard sys file?
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    Ads in yahoo messenger

    Is there a way to block ads in yahoo messenger?
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    This Connection is Untrusted

    This usually happens for me when you install/reinstall firefox with adguard running or create a new profile. Though the above article sometimes work for me.. the absolute solution that worked for me is to completely uninstall and reinstall adguard. Had discussed this before here
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    What happens when the beta key runs out?

    I was wondering the samething.. both my purchased and beta key are closing expiry. Thanks for the info.
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    Whenever I make a transaction using my visa debit card, it redirects to for OTP verification and that page gets blocked and interrupts my transaction. I have to turn off an resend.
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    Yes that works!! And updated the post according to thread rules. I cant edit the title though.. It is minecraft and not mindcraft.. typo error
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    For me when adguard is on, these pages doesn't load as it should load. The form doesn't load. On adding exception it loads. With Filters on : user, english, experimental, spyware Without fileters on On firefox 36...
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    [AdGuard for Windows] Beta version 5.10.2006.6251

    Thats great. Updating and will post my experience.