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    Can Adguard implement with Certificate Trust settings so that it can block ads like YouTube, Spotify and Reddit apps

    Hi Team, I just wanted to request if its possible to implemet something like this so that we can block ads withou the need of jailbreaking the iOS devices. This used to be called LUNA VPN once you install this from below link and then enable Certificate trust settings in...
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    Adguard Pro DNS Blacklist

    Can you give us Step byStep instructions on how to set up as it’s very difficult for newbies like me to set in adguard Pro
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    AdGuard Pro not blocking YouTube Ads

    Oh! But I'm using adguard as a browser extension and i can block YouTube ads on PC Anyways nothing much as you've said it ain't possible..! Thank you very much for help
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    AdGuard Pro not blocking YouTube Ads

    adguard pro no matter i turn on YouTube ads still come up..? How can i block YouTube ads as it's very annoying
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    Ad Guard for iPhone 5c

    I don't know if its allowed But this works fine on iPhone 5c
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    iOS "Mobile Device" License??

    Well even I also had this thought as Key can't be used for upgrading Adguard to Adguard Pro incase of Apple Please update it on buying keys for Adguard for Mobile In that way people won't get confused
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    No problem at all sir! just testing your ADGUARD PRO... its perfect till now will test it out with more filters ... Thanks for taking me as your tester regards
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    [AdGuard PRO for iOS] v1.0 beta

    But I believe you've said before that you obtained special API or something that u can filter traffic Locally on the device rather than VPN? Regards
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    Well i just applied for pro... I was testing for normal AG for iOS
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    [AdGuard DNS] Beta

    That's where adguard program plays.... 3g/4g are impossible as they have their own dns service.... DNS is good for home users/Routers
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    AdGuard for iOS beta test

    Yes it will work as the filtering will be done on device side and wifi tooo Regards
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    [AdGuard PRO for iOS] v1.0 beta

    Pm sent ..! Eagerly waiting for testing things out!!
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    Adding user filter such as Anti-Adblock Killer

    well to be frank its apple's fault ...safari doesn't understand the way other browsers work... Also i think AAK list is a USERSCRIPT and will not be compatible with safari ...also if you closely observe ADGUARD APP there's a special filter called SAFARI FILTER which converts normal filters into...
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    i was doing beta testing for ADGUARD for iOS and TESTFIGHT SHOWS Unavailable..! IS it adguard side problem or mine..! regards
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    Filters Not Updating In Background

    well for background app working u shouldn't close the APP running yeah i checked and it works fine ..! wvwn AG team today releaed a new Update for beta testers on iOS and its also working just fine regards
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    When will Ad Guard block ads in applications too ?

    Well as AG team won't provide any ETA's about when will the update be delivered.... we ccan understand how they ware tryig hard to make this software awesome.. previously Avtar said that they had limited number of DEVS working on iOS so we can epect a delay.... and GOOD nEWS is AG Team...
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    "AdGuard for Windows has stopped working"

    WELL I REPLIED TO YOU on MALWARETIPS ...Hope that fixed your prob!! Generally Adgaurd Has this if its purely .NET problem.. GLAD u fixed it yourself..! regards kantry123
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    AdGuard for Windows version 6.0

    One Excellent piece of software that has new refreshing revamped LOOK !! The addition stealth mode is a major PLUS .... Installation and upgradation went smooth as a cheese ... will let u know guyz if we find some bugs!! thanks for your efforts and keep it coming...... AND YEAH EAGERLY WAITING...