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    Festival Discount?

    This year Holi falls on March 10.
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    Taking to much time before it gets fixed

    Agree with @worldsdream & @ag_bug_finder here. It is disheartening to see even the most critical of issues piling up. IMO, the critical issues should be fixed first and that too of the paid programs as people who paid for such deserve prompt support. If we try to narrow it down on the above...
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    Festival Discount?

    AdGuard has been observing various festivals/occassions from around the world like halloween, new year, black friday, etc and offering discounts/offers on its products. Today & tomorrow, India celebrates one of its most important festival, that of, Holi - the festival of colors besides Diwali...
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    Looking for your review!

    I just thought to review the much awaited corelib edition after almost a gap of year of using AdGuard. The installation missed EULA which was a new for me seeing that AG always used to have one with me deeply studying it. Nonetheless, I did go into the about section > license agreement option...
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    My AdGuard account

    Already read that :- I solved the problem myself, the adguard password site page wasn't clear about the requirements of the new password. Now that I tried the combo that's required on other sites, it accepted it fine. For anyone else having the same problem, the combo of a Capital letter...
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    My AdGuard account

    I 'm not intending to stay. Had to just come over for a reason. I read the blogpost and I checked my account on AG site and it was not accepting my password. I checked the linked pawned site and it showed me clean there. So I thought maybe I forgot the password(which I don't think I did), but...