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    please tell me user filter for
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    need rule suggestion

    how to make the rule ##[class*="cookie"] case insensitive so to also match Cookie-gdpr,CooKie,CookIe,CoOkietop,COokied etc
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    [-] add parameter.

    Yes, I know these are searching settings but I want these settings everytime. But YouTube don't allow saving the searching settings. I am just asking can it be done with the help of adguard.
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    need user filter suggestion

    please tell me user filter for for shown element.
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    [-] add parameter.

    Is there anyway I can add &sp=EgQQAVgD to whenever i go to this url and convert it into
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    tell me user filter for the
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    I also want to block those 4 br before see also. But I don't want to block all br.
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    nvm It's regex?
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    Well how can I use + I always wonder what is this + ?
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    how to block the shown element on . I already blocked the element above it with > strong:has-text(SEE ALSO ) but can't figure out how...
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    Filtering rules documentation

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    Filtering rules documentation

    It's still the same can you provide any alternative ?
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    What causes Adguard to block my internet connection?

    Can you send system configuration ( export settings )?
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    Where on GitHub
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    Article at say that only same origin absolute or relative file path to be included but works perfectly fine inspite of having foreign paths
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    ||^$cookie is not removing time_meter_v2 cookie on . And it changes it's value when i change article. the rule is removing other cookies but not time_meter_v2 .
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    how to remove Help is available Speak with someone today

    Maybe only shown to Indians . Please try to use Indian VPN.
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    how to remove Help is available Speak with someone today

    how to remove Help is available Speak with someone today on ?
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    [Resolved] - Anti adb [iOS]

    I checked in waybackmachine and it was in English even in 2016.
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    [Resolved] - Anti adb [iOS]

    But this site is in English. otherwise why it will get 7% traffic from USA .