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    [*] Sync for Reddit Beta v12.5 b2 [Android] I just grabbed some random subreddits for testing. Using Adguard for Android, premium licence. Will update post after I receive the ticket number. Ticket number - 1414045
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    Block ads.

    Would that be /root/system/?
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    [Resolved] *** - Go Pro to remove ads [Windows]

    Thank you! All clear now.
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    [Resolved] *** - Go Pro to remove ads [Windows]

    Thanks. Takes care of the huge banner on the right side and at the top. The small one on the left under the menu is still live.
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    [Resolved] *** - Go Pro to remove ads [Windows] Filters used: English Spyware Annoyances Anti-Adblock Killer | Reek Adguard for Windows 6.1, Chrome 53.0.2785.143.