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    Using VPN but ISP still sees my activity

    In my experience Adguard VPN isn't the best VPN when it comes to p2p downloading. But you also have to check your browser for WebRTC leaks and everything. And are these warnings coming directly from your ISP? Or are they sent by a media company to your ISP who then forwards it to you? Because...
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    AdGuard for MacOS

    I was having the same crashing issue for the last few days, but so far the nightly posted the other day seems to be running fine.
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    Installing AdGuard Home for noobs

    Github is a site for developers to post and share the code for their products, along with updates and stuff and beta releases and for users to submit bugs so they can make the product better. The Adguard stuff on github that the person linked too earlier is the real aduard, they are just posting...