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    Here WeGo? Here we won't go with AdGuard protection

    Device: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Android 8.0 I've discovered that Here WeGo maps app doesn't connect to the internet when it's routed through AdGuard. I can't download voices, maps, traffic. Am I right in thinking that if ONLY AdGuard protection is enabled for an app, then all I'm doing is making...
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    Remove AMP from Google Now feed

    Thanks for your reply! That's a shame to hear. I was going to suggest rewriting the URL, but googling tells me that's a security issue. Looks like I'm stuck with AMP for now :( If anyone has suggestions for getting around AMP, please share!
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    Remove AMP from Google Now feed

    Hi AdGuard, I love your app! It really blocks ads better than other solutions I've tried. However, articles in the Google Discover newsfeed (see attachment) are usually AMP pages. I don't like AMP pages because blocked ads leave a "web page not available" space, and user comments take several...