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  1. lancelotly

    3.0 Update

    <( ̄︶ ̄)↗[GO!] ;)
  2. lancelotly

    Adguard doesn't work after network changed

    When switching from cellular data to WIFI, the VPN won't reload but keep using data. :(
  3. lancelotly

    Adguard doesn't work after network changed

    Adguard 2.12.247 & Android 9.0 Adguard won't work after network changed. The VPN is keeping on, but the network blocks down. I have to restart the Aduard manually. Tried to modify the Low Level Settings, but won't work. Best, Lance
  4. lancelotly

    Always-on VPN

    The VPN opened by Adguard turned-off automatically recently. It didn't happen in my old phone with Android 5.0.2. And it is not the problem caused by Greenify. I'm not sure what if it has "always-on VPN" setting been turned on will keeps the connection.
  5. lancelotly

    Always-on VPN

    I faced several times Adguard is auto off VPN. In android 7.1.1, I found there is a feature named always-on VPN in system VPN setting. But current beta version 2.8.76 doesn't support this setting. Would you please check and add this feature to support Android system's Always-on VPN setting...
  6. lancelotly

    Sync with Chrome

    Hi, I just tried the Adguard Chrome Extension. I found that it would be hardly to export/import manually if I have lots of user filters. Are there any plans to add the cloud storage feature for syncing across devices in the future? I found there is one with uBlock...
  7. lancelotly

    Compatibility with Android Nougat

    It has been running on my Android 7.1.1 for two months. Works smoothly so far. ;)
  8. lancelotly

    Can't refresh app list after new app installed

    Hello! I have the version 2.7.215 on Android 5.0.1. The last update makes the app list not refresh automatically when a new app installed unless restart the Adguard. The previous versions works well. Thank you!