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  1. CyberGhosT

    AdGuard beta testing

    Signed up :) I look forward to playing a roll no matter how small, of helping AdGuard be all it can be. The AdGuard dev's should be very proud, and know that they are appreciated. Look forward to hearing back. PeAcE
  2. CyberGhosT

    Move the icon ?

    Good lord, that was fast :) Thank you I will try this. EDIT: worked just fine. PeAcE
  3. CyberGhosT

    Move the icon ?

    Hi, I love my AdGuard and am proud to support the Dev's who are keeping this add-on relevant and one of the best on the market. I have one question though. I already have an icon on the lower right of my screen in FF is there a way to move the AdGuard circular icon at the lower right side of...