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  1. Dj Dany

    Adguard software vs. Adguard browser extension

    AdGuard Extra Beta,how add in AdGuard for Android 4.0 nightly 35 ?
  2. Dj Dany

    Adguard Home

    i tried to my router but not blocking all devices,not block nothing
  3. Dj Dany

    Adguard Home

    hi i cant use Adguard Home for router ? I cant find .exe or portable for windows 11,please help me,how add Adguard for router,i cant find tutorial . router it is TP-LINK Archer AX73 AX5400
  4. Dj Dany


    hi i have latest stable adguard android and opera beta not work,why ?
  5. Dj Dany


    today fix or no ?
  6. Dj Dany


    ERR_HTTP2_PROTOCOL_ERROR all sites with adguard 7.7 nightly 16 ! Please fix ! Edge 95.0.1003.0
  7. Dj Dany

    How block google ads !

    when start this ads it is dissaster !
  8. Dj Dany

    AdGuard VPN Pro

    please update vpn (paid) adguard team !!! very bad connection,frecvent disconnect from all servers !!! please update i whait more 7 days if you dont resolve this problem i need to ask refund !!!
  9. Dj Dany

    AdGuard + External VPN = No connection

    i test now adguard vpn (free) i whant to buy i use in edge chromium,disaster speed,all servers (free) 30-40 Mbps ,AGUARD TEAM what is this !!! DISASTER SPEED !!!
  10. Dj Dany

    AdGuard + External VPN = No connection

    ^ YES but not work with adguard !!!
  11. Dj Dany

    AdGuard + External VPN = No connection

    work only adguard + proxy SOCKS5 servers (but proxy hide your IP but not encrypt ! ) You can buy adguard vpn,this work with adguard ads block but not recomand now,for windows not release and very poor speed only 42 servers,and adguard for windows need to UPDATE,slow down internet speed with...
  12. Dj Dany

    Slow Internet Speeds With Adguard Enabbled

    I am honestly sorry that I bought your product, I will use ublock origin from now on, I was about to buy a VPN that you took out recently but it's good that I didn't! Nobody responds to messages, very, very dissatisfied with your support! Just advertise and that's it! Adguard not work ok in...
  13. Dj Dany

    AdGuard for Windows not working properly on the Edge browser

    for me only slow down net speed,it is work ok with block add latest canary or stable edge chromium
  14. Dj Dany

    AdGuard for Android - 3.6

    i whant to buy adguard vpn but i lose 60% discount you can help me buy with this discount ... Please add "choose item" to block like adblock plus or ublock origin !
  15. Dj Dany

    Slow Internet Speeds With Adguard Enabbled

    last version 7.5.3 same bug speed low with adguard enabled,if disable "enable traffic filtering" it is ok but ad blocker not work ! PLEASE UPDATE !!!
  16. Dj Dany

    Slow Internet Speeds With Adguard Enabbled

    for me only first page slow start!!! i have all filter activate and incognito !!! For anybody this filters stop youtube and google " cookies and log in etc. " ||^ google.*##+js(aeld, DOMContentLoaded, CONSENT)
  17. Dj Dany

    Slow Internet Speeds With Adguard Enabbled

    i tried ublock origin vs adguard browser adblock,but i tried evrithing adguard it is very slow! same filters !
  18. Dj Dany

    AdGuard for Windows - 7.5

    i can block this script of !!!
  19. Dj Dany


    any updates for DNS for ?