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    Firefox Portable

    I am having issues with FF portable. I get the warning for websites no matter where I go. I turned off browser security but that did not help. I cannot even get all the icons at google mail to appear. I have the FF port folder in C program files 86. Is there a secret to getting adguard to...
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    When I try to login to Disqus by clicking the button on the page or using the scroll down menu nothing happens. Disqus, Facebook etc cannot not be accessed. Scroll down to the end of the story and there you will find the login area. Example...
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    Flashing Icon maybe?

    How do i turn on the chrome extension? I see the "A" bottom right on the page in FF and Chrome but I do not see the icon with "all".
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    Flashing Icon maybe?

    New to ADGUARD. Longtime Admuncher user. 1. How do I know AG is working? In AM the icon animates and you can open a window to see exactly what is being stopped. 2. How do I add filters or turn off filters? Thanks