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  1. EvilPeppard

    AG Blocking Internet on Cellular Data

    UPDATE 6/23/2022: My wife just left the house for an errand. She 'lost data' after leaving our Wifi. However, she opened the AdGuard app, turned AdGuard Protection off, then back on, and her data resumed on cellular. I had her do a couple tests to verify data was, in fact, working over...
  2. EvilPeppard

    AG Blocking Internet on Cellular Data

    Good morning, My wife and I experience this issue as well. The main problem we find is when we leave home and our phones switch from our home WiFi to cellular data we 'lose internet'. The only thing that seems to resolve the issue for us is to reboot our phones while we are out and about, then...
  3. EvilPeppard

    AdGuard for Windows - 7.5.3

    Thank you to everyone for all the hard work!
  4. EvilPeppard New ADs

    Excellent info, @Boo Berry Thank you very much for the clarification and update!
  5. EvilPeppard New ADs

    Thank you for this info, @Boo Berry . I could have sworn it was asked before on these forums if AdGuard Premium users should still use the AdGuard Blocker in their web browsesr, and the answer was 'yes'. Since I am an AdGuard Premium Lifetime License holder, I will disable AdGuard AdBlocker in...
  6. EvilPeppard New ADs

    Reiterating I am using AdGuard Premium for Windows, plus AdGuard Browser Assistant for Chrome, and AdGuard AdBlocker for Chrome, and no longer seeing ads on Twitch. I am also using AdGuard 'default' IPv4 DNS servers on my router.
  7. EvilPeppard New ADs

    Same. I just tested again, and now using Chrome 86. Been streaming Twitch this morning and not one ad so far.
  8. EvilPeppard New ADs

    Yup, tested again this morning. No ads at the beginning of Twitch streams, and none that showed up at any time while I watched streams. I watched for at least an hour or more with no ads ever.
  9. EvilPeppard New ADs

    I should have added I am using the latest version of Chrome on PC.
  10. EvilPeppard New ADs

    Welp, initial tests on Twitch.TV and I had no ads. Typically if I pick any live channel I would first have to watch an ad, then it would move to the live stream. This morning after a filter update I tried three different live channels and none of them started with an ad, they all went straight...
  11. EvilPeppard New ADs

    Sa-weet! Thanks for the heads up!
  12. EvilPeppard New ADs

    I have not enabled it yet, but will try it out. Glad to know it is working! Thanks for the feedback!
  13. EvilPeppard New ADs

    Found it! Many thanks!
  14. EvilPeppard New ADs

    I'm looking around but cannot find 'experimental filter'. Where in Adguard Premium for Windows do you enable 'experimental filter', or are you referring to the AdGuard Assistant, or AdGuard AdBlocker? Also, is it confirmed that 'experimental filter' truly blocks the new ad campaign from Twitch...
  15. EvilPeppard New ADs

    I found this article from September 15, 2020: 'Twitch is testing mid-roll ads that streamers can’t control' I too noticed these ads recently that did not appear before.
  16. EvilPeppard

    Malwarebytes web protection blocks the Adguard web assistant.

    Ok, thanks for the info. I do not use any Windows 10 apps, nor do I use Edge, except for rare occasions when I cannot use Chrome or Firefox. I sincerely appreciate the information and feedback.
  17. EvilPeppard

    Malwarebytes web protection blocks the Adguard web assistant.

    Ok, I have gone ahead and reinstalled AdGuard Premium on my computer, but have disabled the WFP driver since I have MWB Premium Web Protection Enabled. I will see how this runs. Thank you.
  18. EvilPeppard

    Malwarebytes web protection blocks the Adguard web assistant.

    Thank you. I believe this is what the folks at MWB were saying too, that the WFP's were conflicting between both ADGuard Premium and MWB Premium's Web Protection. Will I lose out on any type of protection if I disable WFP on AdGuard and just use MWB's? If I have to choose one over the other, I...
  19. EvilPeppard

    Malwarebytes web protection blocks the Adguard web assistant.

    Oh, you were wanting to see the memory dump files. Here is the dump file from 4/9/2020 when I had the last BSOD. This BSOD was with both AdGuard Premium and MWB Premium's Web Protection module running. WeTransfer link: BSOD's completely stop if I disable MWB Premium...
  20. EvilPeppard

    Malwarebytes web protection blocks the Adguard web assistant.

    Hi there. What kind of report are you looking for, please? Give me instructions and I will gladly assist. At the moment I have uninstalled AdGuard Premium per request of MWB Support to test stability. So far it is working. Details of my latest update can be found here...