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    Its RAM usage is too high

    The latest beta of v6.0 is still using too much RAM.
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    How do I remove some text found in a site's code?

    *subject* Thanks in advance to anyone that can tell me how to do so.
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    Just Moved from Competitor (AdGuard vs Ad Muncher)

    The developer of Ad Muncher has no money to spend on developing the new version. So, its not going to come out.
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    Twitch Chat Filter

    It also doesn't work in IE 8 (Instead, it makes the page look weird).
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    AdGuard combining chrome extension ZenMate seems doesn't block ads

    I think its because its using a proxy to do its work, which AdGuard can't filter.
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    [resolved] Ads on a stream on

    They're not being removed. The URL to a stream containing them is
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    Twitch Chat Filter doesn't work on the page it was meant for (which is Please make it so it does. Thanks in advance.
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    Issue with streams

    Any developers have anything to state regarding this issue?
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    [Workedaround] Loading HTTPS sites via K-Meleon 74 Beta 3

    When I try to do so with AdGuard enabled, I get a "sec_error_unknown_issuer" error when visiting a HTTPS site such as
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    Issue with streams

    Did you try viewing it with K-Meleon 74 Beta 3?
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    Its RAM usage is too high

    Huh? I was referring to AdGuard, not a web browser.
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    Issue with streams

    They don't load and the stream chat is also not loading properly (it just shows the circle animation). I am trying to view one using K-Meleon 74 Beta 3. Also, the userscript that I am trying to apply to a stream is making it look weird. The stream is at
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    Its RAM usage is too high

    Is it possible to lower it to where it takes up a total of 50-60 MB instead of 200+ MB? If so, it should be done.