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    Automatic updates to application and filters

    Does the Adguard for Mac receive automatic application and filter updates, or do I have to regularly hit the check for updates and check for filter updates buttons?
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    Blocking ads in Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and Snapchat

    Will it ever be possible to block ads in these apps, possibly with root? Out of curiosity, why is this such a difficult task on Android, when it can be easily done on Windows and macOS?
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    [Win 10 x64] AdGuard 6.3.1276.3827 breaks

    I experienced a similar problem with, and the solution was to add to the https exclusions list. See if that works for you.
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    Differences between mac app and chrome extension

    If the only browser I use is Chrome, is there any advantage to using Adguard for Mac instead of the Chrome extension?
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    DNS Filtering

    Is there any advantage to using DNS filtering on top of the standard filtering built into Adguard?